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  1. unfortunately that is built with Canvas... and the performance isn't very good...the fans on my Macbook kick on like crazy running that.
  2. So thanks to the help I got I was able to extrapolate that example into some code that works really well for the interface. I'm running into one problem though. It's not too bad, I actually might not change it if it is a real pain to code around but my elements transform to their finished position. But then they don't animate back to their original position. Now, i think this is due to how the PerspectiveTransform.js library ( I'm wondering if there is an easier way. I do see that I can .reverse() a timeline but that won't really work here I don't think because each box has it's o
  3. Thank you Carl! I had not explored TimelineLite. This makes sense and the animation is very smooth.
  4. Hi there, I'm new to GSAP and am trying to evaluate it for some animations for a project I'm working on. I found some examples of using tweenlite to animate a custom property and was able to create a test that does this. I'm not sure how or if I can extrapolate that concept into animating multiple values at the same time with one tweenlite call. What I'm doing is animating a square box with a Matrix3D transform. (this only needs to work in webkit) To calculate the Matrix3D transform I'm using a handy bit of Javascript called PerspectiveTransform.js (https://github.com/edankwan/Persp