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  1. Hi Rodrigo, I dont want all these, i exctlly want the second one as in this link but with pur javascript. I dont want to include any library. http://codepen.io/GreenSock/pen/95240f579b822d3e3124b7e371dff221
  2. Carl Schooff i want to use simple pur java script not any library..
  3. I exctly want this carl schooff, but without any library
  4. How can i expand a clip from top right corner in css n pure java script. As shown in image.
  5. My carosel is not moving smooth, Can you help me to fix this. It is currently pausing, it should not pause. slider.zip
  6. hi, Can I make Carousel inside any image object ? have anyone Example for this? Or anyone who can help me in this situation. email: rabia@niche-vision.com Thanks