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  1. hi, i have loaded a xml using loaderMax, in its complete event i have parsed them. In the parsed xml, it automatically adds a space between each node. so, if my xml children is 7 means, it returns the length as 14. i have tried a lot. I couldn't able to fix it, any solution will be highly appreciated.
  2. I have loaded some list of swf's using LoaderMax, In the complete event, i parsing the data like below var myData = LoaderMax.getContent("file1"); . . then i clear the loaders through queue.dispose(); now i want that "file1" data and need to pass this data(myData) into another class(which doesn't have any loader max libraray import).
  3. i have loaded my swf using Loader max. to access the library items or class. i used getClass or getContent. Now i want to access the stage of my loaded swf.. please tell me how to access a stage and the movieclips inside that stage.