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  1. Hey i wanted to thank you all for helping me with my issue. It turns out that i create the timelines on the fly when i need them and it seems to be working out really well so far!


    This community is outstanding and its an absolute pleasure to be apart of it!!!

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  2. Hey Carl thanks for taking the time in reading and answering my questions.


    I have a couple of questions. You are saying that producing tweens and timelines on the fly will not bog down the piece? I've done mostly AS programming and we always worry about memory leaks and reducing how many objects you create. Is there a destroy function to remove the timelines after they have completed?


    I like the idea of creating the timelines on the fly when i need them but i'm worried about memory usage.

  3. Rodrigo thanks a lot for the quick reply. using reverse(0) definately started the animation which is great but... (there is always a but)... at the end of the animation instead of it finishing where it should it is doing the reverse animation and then it ends up going to its original spot.


    Its rather complex and i failed a bit at just making a smaller version of it to test but i was hoping if you look at the test site this might help



    If you start the piece by clicking on the 9th grade first and going through all the animations it seems to work fine. But if you start with thru college and work your way left through the buttons you'll see my general issue.


    Thanks again for taking the time to look at this problem i am having i really appreciate it!



  4. First time posting, long time reader! Thank you so much for everything you have accomplished here your help over the years has been priceless!




    i have a path and i have objects that animate along that path. Sometimes the objects come in from the right and leave to the left other times they come into from the left and leave from the right or right right or left left.


    I have two basic timelines that come in from either direction.  So if timeline1 moves the objects into position from the right. timeline2 would move the same objects in from the the left. And I am attempting to just reverse them if needed.


    The problem i am facing is that if a timeline has not been played it will no reverse. So if timeline1 moves objects into place from one direction, timeline2 in reverse would move those objects in the other direction. So i tried changing its currentProgress to be equal to 1 so that it will know hey i'm at the end so i can reverse. But it still comes out undefined. 


    Now if i run all my timelines at least once then it works with no problem but i find that there is an issue at first. Please let me know if this made sense. I could try diagrams next maybe.