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  1. I am very sorry for a probably stupid question, I tried searching etc, i most likely just don't understand the syntax... It is said " GSAP takes control under the hood" whiel i can still use animate(). so my assumption was i would do something like: $("#mydiv").animate({bezier:{type:"cubic", values:[{x:100, y:250}, {x:150, y:100}, {x:300, y:500}, {x:500, y:400}], autoRotate:["x","y","rotation", 0, true]}, ease:Power1.easeInOut}); this doesn't work... I understand i can just use TweenLite.to withing the same JS main code an keep having my jquery functionality on the side but well... that is kind of weird inst it. so my question is how to do Bezier within Animate() with jquery.gsap.js? aqnd if i can use latest jquery or not... thank yoU!