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    On 6/30/2021 at 1:07 AM, GreenSock said:

    I believe this is fixed in the next release which you can preview at https://assets.codepen.io/16327/ScrollTrigger.min.js


    If you need a .tgz file (like to npm install), you can get it at https://assets.codepen.io/16327/gsap-beta.tgz


    Does that work better for you? Please let us know if you notice any other issues. 


    Hello, i have the same issue with my vuejs app.


    How can we choose the version with `"gsap": "npm:@gsap/shockingly"` ? 

    I cannot roll back to `3.6.1` with the bonus files 😕

    Do we access to the beta files ?


    Thank you !

  2. Yep !


    The problem can be solve like that. 


    In my real scenario, the "orange box" it's a component, it can be embed anywhere in my application, in a pinned element or anywhere else.

    So the "end" cannot be set. The orange box must be autonomous.


    But i just need to be sur.


    It's a normal rule from the gsap scrollTrigger plugin ?

    If a scrolltrigger is inside another pinned scrolltrigger, so the end still the same ? Its not like IntersectionObserver ?


    Thanks again @akapowl




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  3. Hello 


    As you can see in the codepen.

    I have a pinned gray section, inside a small timeline.


    And i have an "orange" section. And i want to know when the "orange" section enter or leave the viewport.


    With the "onEnter, onLeave etc..." everything works but when i put the orange section inside the pinned scrolltrigger, the "leave" event it's not "true"


    It's hard to explain but if you check the codepen, you will understand (i hope) :)





    See the Pen abNmBXo by stephanedemotte (@stephanedemotte) on CodePen

  4. Hi


    I have a draggable with a iframe, in mobile, i can't move if my first touch is in the iframe.

    The scrolltop is good, the touch on desktop too, but on mobile nothing.


    So i can't use Draggable if i have a video(youtube/video) inside, on mobile.


    If i hijack with dragClickables:true, all my links and the play button in the iframe become unavailable.


    Anyone have a solution ?


    Thanks :)



    See the Pen XJexMj by stephanedemotte (@stephanedemotte) on CodePen

  5. Hi all,


    I am looking for a custom scroll bar with Draggable Scroll.

    For simulate a scroll like mcustomscrollbar or iscroll and keep the touch fonction for mobile.


    I don't like the native scrollbar, i am looking for a thin/cute bar who appear only on mouse move.


    Anyone have something like this ?


    I have see : 


    But not working on FF/IE


    Thanks for reading :)

    See the Pen WbvOrM by MAW (@MAW) on CodePen

  6. Hi,

    I have some issue since the last update with "-webkit-"

    Not sure this bug has been fixed

    • FIXED problem caused by some Webkit browser reporting redundant/duplicate transform values (in both "transform" and "WebkitTransform") of the computed style which could cause className tweens to act oddly.

    I make a simple TweenMax.to('element', 1, {className: "+=active"});
    and bam !




    Only on Safari and Chrome.


    Everything good with gsap : 1.15.0

    See the Pen bNRXYO by stephanedemotte (@stephanedemotte) on CodePen