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    Spinning images

    Actually I just spotted the problem - maths! Changing 0.8 to 1 fixes the issue.
  2. DiscoStu

    Spinning images

    Hi guys I've hit a problem that I'm struggling to solve. If I follow option 2 but have a large number of images, after nearly a minute, the transitions go screwy. See this example... http://codepen.io/anon/pen/pobwy Any advice on how to get this work with a larger number of images greatly appreciated!! Stuart
  3. DiscoStu

    Spinning images

    Guys, both examples are spot on, thanks very much!! I will go with the 2nd as I only need to support Chrome for what I am doing. Thanks again!!
  4. DiscoStu

    Spinning images

    On GreenSock's home page, part of the animation at the top is the different browser logos (Safari/Chrome etc) spinning from one into another. I want to do exactly that with a set of photos. Does anyone have an example of the code to do this?