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  1. Hi,
    Thank you for your swift response!
    I think I did mix things up, since I was (indeed) able to fix it quite easy based on your comments.
    If I recall correctly I was trying to make it work chaining a few '.add's in there.


    Now I have this code, which is working like a charm:

            .call(functionName, ["#id2", value1, value2])
            .call(functionName, ["#id3", value3, value4])
                $('#id4'), 0.7, {css: {bottom: 0}, delay: 2})

    Thanks again! You made my day :)


    Best regards,




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  2. Hi all,


    I'm freaked out by now, since I've spend quite some time on creating the following situation:

    Create one function, which gets some params ( value and scope ) and make it run it twice at the same moment ( actually at a certain scrollingposition using superscrollorama) with different params.


    What should I use and what would be the correct syntax?


    At this moment I'm on my ipad so I don't have some example code. I'm hoping to get some helpful responses, but if it's important, I will update this topic soon with my example code...


    Thanks already, folks!


    All the best,