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  1. Thanks for jumping in! So if they hover while the card is rotating (in the middle of a tween), how would i kill that tween (or better yet, allow it to finish) and then handle the hover. Would that be on the onUpdate for that (rotate) tween? Much appreciated, m
  2. Hi, first post. Hope i haven't overlooked something obvious. I have a series of 'cards' (divs w/ front and back) that look similar to this pen: http://codepen.io/GreenSock/pen/yzahJ except the flips all happen on a timeline instead of on hover. what we want is, in the middle of the timeline (which sequentially flips 8 cards), we want to be able to have a user hover, and stop that one card from flipping, and change its opacity. right now, all 8 cards are run together on one single timeline (b/c we need tight control of timing), so i don't know if i need put them onto their own timelines or something. Any pointers or clues would be much appreciated on how i could allow the single hovered card to drop out of the timeline and change its opacity, while still allowing the other cards to keep their animation/flipping happening. Thanks! m