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  1. Unfortunately IE9 doesn't support that blur CSS filter..
  2. jjames

    Using onRepeat

    Found a solution: Added/Removed/Moved the following in my JS: var isWaterVisible = false; //added onRepeat:swapWater //removed function swapWater(){} //removed water.css("visibility","hidden"); //added to buildAnimation() {} tl.to(water.... //all moved inside of buildAnimation() {} onComplete: function() { if (!isWaterVisible) { water.css("visibility", "visible"); isWaterVisible = true; } } //added to last to. of water molecule right after {alpha:0 and it works perfect now..
  3. jjames

    Using onRepeat

    I'm having trouble getting the tween.to's in my onRepeat function to sync with my TimelineMax: My CodePen is here: http://cdpn.io/kwxIJ //WARNING THERE IS A 3.5 SECOND DELAY AT START The Flash tutorial that I'm trying to replace is here: http://www.olympusmicro.com/primer/java/fuelcell/index.html On the first run it looks like it's working just fine. Wait for about 2 minutes: You'll notice that the "water" molecule has started translating below it's original point. Many minutes later: The water molecule will just blink in and out at the bottom of the animation. I believe I need to use the onRepeatParams to tell my swapWater function exactly what it should do, or, perhaps that's not the solution. Thanks for any help.