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    Also as a side... I've kill the tween under certain circumstances... do I need to remove the listener, or does the onComplete perform that? I'm assuming that I could in effect set up a setInterval that does the same thing?
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    Thanks Diaco, Is Ticker a greensock thing then? Will give it a go!
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    Is there a way to set the onUpdate when doing a Tween to be less frequent... basically I'm doing a very slow slideshow of images that pan past the screen and it calculates which one is most on screen so it can display the correct caption... the scroll is super slow so any extra processing power would be nice to keep it as buttery smooth as possible... so really I only want the onUpdate to be called every second for example... Is there anything like that built in? Before I reinvent the wheel
  4. PS my autocorrect changed program to problem...
  5. thanks Jack... face palms... have you always been able to do it that easily?
  6. Lets say I create a draggable item in an array e.g. dragItem[n] = Draggable.create(tempClip, { type: "left", trigger:"#projectDrag", edgeResistance:0.99, throwProps: true, zIndexBoost: false, bounds: { minX: tempMinX, maxX: tempMaxX}}); how do I then temporarily disable it, and indeed check it actually exists in the first place. Sorry for not posting a codein, but this is part of a huge problem
  7. Thanks Carl, I think I was doing it right, but it was being overwritten by another tween
  8. Am I using the CSSRulePlugin correctly? var rule = CSSRulePlugin.getRule("a.navigation:hover"); //get the rule TweenMax.to(rule, 1, {cssRule:{backgroundColor:tempFG, color:tempBG}});
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    Ah... found them here... http://cdnjs.com/libraries/gsap It seems I have to drop back to 1.15.1 for some links to work within a panel set to use 'scrollTop'.. anything obvious that may of changed this? Can't post my site as it's a private site at present.
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    Where do I find out when the CDN version was updated? e.g. //cdnjs.cloudflare.com/ajax/libs/gsap/latest/TweenMax.min.js I noticed all the versions of a site I'm building are suddenly not working (namely clicking links within scrollable boxes) and just want to work out if it's my code or something else?
  11. Not that this helps... but I can see it stuttering. I'm on a retina iMac if that makes any difference?
  12. D'oh... spoke too soon... how do I let that be the trigger, but also allow the panel to be draggable when not behind the panel?
  13. Sorry... I've been an idiot (again) I just needed to put a trigger... http://codepen.io/anon/pen/pvxPagon the draggable items... in my head I've ben thinking the trigger was the other way around!
  14. I've just been trying that and works a treat, thanks... is there any other method as from looking into it IE10 and below don't support that? And the client base for my project are institutions that are very likely to be using one of those versions
  15. Should point out that the divs below have to be distinct and not in the same div
  16. I'm got some draggable panels behind a screen, how do I make all the separate div's below draggable? is there a class I can assign as a trigger? http://codepen.io/anon/pen/raqmxe
  17. I've got it working pretty much, i've tried to avoid too much nesting, as I'm trying to track where things are as some of the elements are operating on their proximity to other things... I always find there are easier / better ways to do things after the fact, but I'm more comfortable with the logic in my head
  18. Thanks Jack, The reason for not putting it in a div is because these panels actually appear both behind and infront of some other panels in one form of the site, so their z-index's need to be easily adjusted. I've gone down the road of everything being set with 'left' now, and changing to x is a possibility, but I'll need to adjust everything of what is a quite big complicated project (by my standards anyway), also not keen on having to reset everything all the time, as the panels have a lot of predetermined positions when in certain modes of the site. I'm basically pretty much building a WIMP environment.
  19. http://codepen.io/anon/pen/ogavpy I've updated it to show what it should do... so I should put a isDragging where it updates the position of the other div?
  20. I think it has something to do with me update the position of the other item that is draggable / throwable during the update
  21. here is the codepen for it... http://codepen.io/anon/pen/ogavpy Note that you can only drag item 2 when the throwUpdate has completed, how do I override that?
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    I'm finding that when I use onThrowUpdate as it is being called, other items are not able to be dragged? Does it lock out other drags whilst it's doing it's thing?
  23. I'm such an idiot... I'd done this... and it wasn't working... turned out I was typing 'underfined' if (typeof Draggable.get($(tempClip))!='undefined'){ Draggable.get($(tempClip)).kill(); }
  24. Thanks Jonathan, it's not the element I need to check for, it's whether it has a draggable assigned to it... ideally I'd keep a track on them all but hoping there is a simple way to just check if the draggable exists first as it's not a certainty that some items are draggable.
  25. Is there a way of checking a draggable instance of a div exists? I'm using kill() for something but it is throwing an error if I try and kill something that's not there, so my question is, can i check for the draggable without getting an error?