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  1. mimeartist


    I was trying to target an href inside a div that has a load of other stuff so though It was easier to do it that way - however just figured a way to target it directly - thanks for all your help - not always keen to just try a different way and give up route, but that is kind of what i did anyway
  2. mimeartist


    https://codepen.io/mimeArtist/pen/LYpMVzx I created a codepen, but of course it works there
  3. mimeartist


    Hi, I'm getting a DOMException when trying to use CCSRules - my code is below... I originally thought perhaps it was because my gsap files were on an external CDN so bought them in locally - but still getting this error - CSSRulePlugin.min.js:10 DOMException: Failed to read the 'cssRules' property from 'CSSStyleSheet': Cannot access rules iconRule = CSSRulePlugin.getRule(".hover_icon:hover"); //get the rule gsap.to(iconRule, {duration: 3, cssRule: {color: "#ff00ff"}}); buttonRule = CSSRulePlugin.getRule(".hover_button:hover"); //get the rule gsap.to(buttonRule, {duration: 3, cssRule: {color: "#ffff00"}});
  4. Thanks again - Got it working at https://l-o.st
  5. Thanks Zach you're a life saver!, I was going to track the positions of some stuff - but not needed, and forgot it was there, was wasting my time messing around with the CSS instead, thanks again! Also my bold and italics styling is working properly now
  6. Hello, When using splitText with chrome I'm finding that from the second line in a paragraph, everything indents by 6 pixels - This is only happening on Chrome, not Safari or Firefox - Any ideas? I can see in the code it's using soft hyphens in places, and wondering if that is causing the issue somewhere. Thanks! James
  7. Hmm... I'm confused now... I thought ScrollTop has been removed in version 3?
  8. I've resorted to using... as can't work out the issue $('html, body').animate({ scrollTop: $(theSectionToJump).offset().top }, 1000); This is the error that was coming up - just in case it's useful
  9. Hi Zach, I have.. but it works on there - Going to check for unclosed DIVS etc I think https://codepen.io/mimeArtist/pen/dyyqbJe
  10. Thanks Jack... I'm getting this error, when I try and do the following - I've checked the div #section4 exists, so thought it might be from not registering it (I don't know what tree shaking means) gsap.to(window, 1, {scrollTo:"#section" + whichSectionJump}); TypeError: null is not an object (evaluating 'f[n]')
  11. PS Do these two need registering? gsap.registerPlugin(ScrollToPlugin, EasePack);
  12. TweenMax.to('body', 0.4, { color:recklessFG, backgroundColor:recklessBG,overwrite: true }); I've found that since I updated, I've had to use overwrite:true as things that were in order were going out of order? I have a lot of rollovers that all impact a few divs... e.g. rolling over a piece of text changes the background etc. and hides text, and the rollovers can happen very quickly.
  13. Ok, delved in (read) the docs and throwprops is inertia, and realised I needed to register them...
  14. Hi, I've got a site that's not quite ready for launch and I thought I'd upgrade to gsap 3 before going live in a few weeks rather than updating at a later date... my question is which of these files do I need to replace, as a few seem to not be there anymore? I'm currently using... jquery-3.4.1.min.js TweenMax.min.js (replacing this with gsap.min.js) Draggable.min.js (replacing this with new draggable.min.js) ThrowPropsPlugin.min.js (this doesn't exist in the download any more) ColorPropsPlugin.min.js (this doesn't exist in the download any more)
  15. This is the thing I've been working on... basically i have two end points that go through a predefiined point each, so the mid point where all the points meet makes the text... and because they've got a little bit of a delay / change in speed in has an more natural feel... I guess this is the best way to do it... i wanted to avoid a tween to the mid point and then another tween to the end point.. Didn't realise I could feed the ease back in... I'll do that and reverse it by eye I think Thank you!