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  1. When I take the simple demo and delete EVERYTHING except this: (assume that all the JS plugins are plugged in and in the right place) http://codepen.io/jbrewhaha/pen/tybcx It works. But when I copy and paste all that same information into a new editor and save it - IT DOESN"T WORK! Thanks - It's driving me crazy.
  2. Here is an example pen : http://cdpn.io/iKuBw I can't link the scrollorama JS in to Codepen. - However, this code is a copy of what I'm looking at. This is actually copied excerpts of the simpledemo.html from the scrollorama github. When I put this into an editor on my desktop it doesn't work either. All I want to do is get the "FLY IT" example to work. I'm trying to isolate everything that is associated with <h2 id="fly-it">Fly It</h2> and make JUST THAT effect work. So I start the controller js - "$(document).ready(function() { var controller = $.superscrollorama(); add the tween js : controller.addTween('#fly-it', TweenMax.from( $('#fly-it'), .250, {css: {right:'1000px'}, ease:Quad.easeInOut})); I copy the HTML into the .html: <h2 id="fly-it">Fly It</h2> I copy in all the CSS but I'm not sure why I need CSS? GSAP tweens are controlled in the JS tween.to() function. However, when I delete all the CSS scrollOrama no longer works. So I'm trying to figure out what parts of the CSS I need. - so I add all the CSS associated with "#fly-it" QUESTION #2 (kind of the same question) In the scollorama simpledemo.html - if you move the <h2 id="fly-it">Fly It</h2> outside of the <div id="content-wrapper"> it breaks it. I don't understand why. I know this isn't a scollorama forum but I appreciate your help trying to wrap my head around it. If you prefer not to answer because this isn't the place for it - I get it. I have a pretty good take on animating tweens in GSAP but I can't get the scollorama integration figured out. Thanks again jason
  3. Thanks Jonathan From my experiments with the ScrollTo function, it seems that the ScrollTo command scrolls the page down to where the animation would be happening. Am I wrong about that? That seems to be the way it works. I have tried and tried with SuperScroll-o-rama but honestly I can't seem to get that plugin working. Superscrollorama is very confusing. I'm starting to look for another way do to this. Thanks
  4. hi jonathan, Thanks, I don't have anything to show because I can't quite figure it out. I'm trying to achieve a look like this. http://goojars.businesscatalyst.com/index.html something that animates with scroll movement as you scroll down. is this possible with GSAP? THANKS
  5. All the Animation seems to happen at the same time. How can you pause animation to wait for the user to get to that part of the page. I have a long scrolling page and all the animation happens as soon as the page loads? sorry for the newbie question. THANKS!!!!!!
  6. for extra credit. Can you control the animation by the scroll function. As you scroll down the element would enter the viewport at the same rate of scroll. And scroll out at the same rate of scroll?? THANKS!!!!!!!!
  7. Can someone show me how to move an item from left to right. or even diagonally as you scroll into that item in the viewport. I can manage the basic animations in the Getting Started Tutorial but I can't find help on moving an object FROM LEFT TO RIGHT. Just a note - I have a long scrolling page. I'm trying to have a simple animation scroll into the viewport as I scroll down to that section of my page. It's probably simple. I just can't find the right tutorial. Thanks!!!!