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  1. It makes sense now! 😁 So I need to create the reference and/or the timeline before I can start to affect it, yeah?
  2. Ah, I thought that by creating a timeline named ya (probably need to start naming my timelines a little better) I would be able to run through that timeline on a mouseEvent Thanks so much for the demo. Definitely helps! And a' tweening I shall go!
  3. My goal is to get the yellow arrows, after they are done with their initial timeline, to react to mouseenter and mouseleave. When I try to set AddEventListeners nothing works and if I comment them out, only the first timeline runs. I am pretty sure that I need to call the 2nd timeline from a function when the first timeline runs but that's a different thing. When I comment out the 1st timeline the 2nd timeline runs no problem. But if I uncomment everything out nothing works. Am I even approaching this in the right way? I should be able to run a timeline on a mouseEvent yeah? I've taken @carl advice and have tried to make the codepPen as stripped down as I could. Let me know if that's' still too much or not enough. TIA, Diza
  4. Sorry about that! Still new around here. I will remember to minimize from now on! So the "line" I referring to was that particular line of code. I couldn't, at the moment, figure out how to describe what I was trying to convey. Ah yes I see. Wasn't sure if that was a CSS or GSAP thing. This is spot on! Thanks so much! I am guessing that I need to have definitive end values for other objects that I am trying to animate? Thanks again Carl! You are the best!
  5. So I am finally starting to get the hang of all this but I have come across a "pop." Where a line is done animating and it pops from it's end to what seems like a reload of the thing that I am animating which in this instance is .talent - If you look at the CodePen you can tell exactly which one it is. I am sure there is something out there that I need to do but I don't even know if I am asking the right question. Am I missing something that needs to happen at the end of the animation like a cleanup or something (I'm just talking out of my tukas at the point). Thanks in advance, Diza
  6. This may also be entirely the wrong place to post this. I am just trying to keep my mind GSAP centric
  7. Is there any way to split this paragraph so I can add the current animation to each individual line without using splitText. I know, I know, "just buy it!" And I will. Just wondering how this can be done with out. TIA Diz
  8. Where can I find out more about Continuous Integration SErvers or "simple Git hook?"
  9. Yes, lol, this now makes sense! I truly appreciate your patience. Hopefully I can look back at this and be like haha, what a dope I was Srsly, thanks for helping out. You and @Carl's are gods!
  10. I guess the thing that was throwing me off what it seemed that the only way to affect exposure and brightness were through the EaselPlugin: Am I srsly missing something glaringly obvious? Is the page outdated or do I have a case of the DumbDumbs and not fully understanding the way that gsap3 handles css properties? EDIT: Or CSS in general?
  11. Yeah, I am kind of haphazardly trying to relearn this all at the same time! Will look into that LifeTime Subscription! Thank you so very much. I have much to learn. 😐
  12. I see I have much to learn! Not onlywith GSAP but with HTML/JS/CSS! Thanks so much for the help!
  13. I appreciate the help! But I don't understand, according to this doc https://greensock.com/docs/v3/Plugins/EaselPlugin I should be able to access the brightness and exposure attributes. Which now that I look at it they are probably not the same thing. But when I try to register gsap.registerPlugin(EaselPlugin); Nothing runs.
  14. Hey all! So, I've given up trying to shoehorn GSAP into Adobe Animate. Big step! But now I am having issues with getting easelJS to play nice. See the attached CodePen. I am not sure what or who is fighting with whom or if I am just missing something. I am just getting back into GSAP/HTML/CSS after some time away so I am pretty sure that I am missing something. The codePen is me testing out if I can tint my image (what I really want is to mess with the brightness and exposure.) and doesn't work. I've tried uploading to codePen, running locally, firing up XAMMP and running a webserver locally and bupkis. the animation makes it past the easel but won't affect the tint. If any one has a moment please show me the error of my ways. I am pretty sure I am missing something that may be second nature to y'all. Please and thank you, Dez
  15. I've been scouring the archives and the web but can't seem to find out a proper workflow using Adobe Animate and GSAP if there is even one or is it even worth it. I am working off some files that were done by another developer and they seem to have used Adobe Animate for the HTML portion of is and then GSAP for the actual animation. I have been trying to break down how they managed to use both and can't seem to make it work in my head because everything that I pump out of Adobe Animate has a js file that is way overloaded with symbols and such. As I've mentioned elsewhere I am trying to get back into using GSAP so I am rusty as all get out. I may be asking the wrong question so there's that too! Any help would greatly appreciated. I guess I am missing the link between how to go from Animate to GSAP. Does the GSAP happen within the Animate file? Or is published and then coded.
  16. @OSUblake If that isn't it then it what I needed. GSDevTools!!! Trying to search for "a timeline" in the world of GSAP is quite difficult, well, for me at least. Thanks Again!!!
  17. That is close! but there were a whole lot of animations going on. I think it was the old Why GSAP animation. With greensock man and just a ton of variables.
  18. No not at all! I was just making sure that I was using the latest version! Thanks for checking! Much appreciated!
  19. Somewhere on this site there was an example of being able to have a "physical" timeline with a playhead and I can't seem to find and my google-fu is not showing anything. Anyone out there able to point me in a direction? TIA, Dez
  20. When is the next release or has it already been released?
  21. So as I am getting refamiliarized with GSAP I was wondering what IDE y'all are using? I am right now I am back and forth between ATOM and Codepen. In Codepen I am finding it a hassle when I am uploading assets I have to "reconnect" them in my code but it offers color coding and seems to have some auto complete features. While in ATOM I can't seem to find a package that supports GSAP. So I was wondering what y'alls workflow looks like. You don't have to get into the weeds if you don't want. Just looking for some options. TIA, Diza
  22. I would like to drawOn all the craziness that is going on in the attached file but I'm not sure it's a wise idea. I am just getting reacquainted with GSAP (love it) so my chops are not what they used to be but they are progressing! So is this a dumb idea or is it just a monumentous undertaking? We're talking about close to 5000chars and every path is named "d" So, am I dumb, or just uneducated 😁 Thanks, Diza
  23. So title pretty much sums it up. And not sure if this is the place to ask but who better! than fellow banner compatriots! Designer/Client is sending me an InDesign document. She used to send AI docs which were a PITA to begin with but this adds another layer of crap. Anyone know of a workflow to get layered PSDs from an InDesign document? Thanks in advance