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  1. + 4 for t-shirts, perhaps black hoodies (of course). I thought I had seen them in the past? c'mon!
  2. not sure how that example applies: tracerTimeline.vars.css.x = targetX; tracerTimeline.vars.css.y = targetY; tracerTimeline.invalidate().restart(); where targetX and targetY are already defined?
  3. .updateTo() doesnt work for plugin values like x and y: ok. if I have a Tween: var tracerTargetValues = {x:350, y:75, ease:Power1.easeInOut, yoyo:true, repeat:2}; tracerTimeline.add( TweenMax.fromTo('#tracer', 10, {x:-50, y:100}, tracerTargetValues)); and when an event happens, I want to pause that tween where it is, and change the destination values to targetX and targetY which are predefined variables. how do I do that?