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    Hm - I think that would only destroy the whole "not advance more than one step" functionality in that example. I think, that in order to : A: Limit a single swipe to a single page slide B: Keep the edgeresistance intact C: Support multiple page slides on more than one consecutive swipes my theory is: * Start with setting up all snappoints - these do not need to change. * Update bounds on each throwcomplete * On drag - check if there is already some motion going on (in the "correct" direction) and if so, simply extend the bounds in that direction. I'll try to make time to check that theory tommorow.
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    But I was looking for another behaviour - One single swipe should never advance you more than one swipe. But another swipe whilst the first swipe was still in motion would get you two steps forward. It's kind of hard to explain and hard to test using a mouse, but if you study the behaviour of for example the iOS springboard this is how paged controls behave under iOS.
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    Nice, thanks! It's a bit different from the solution I came up with that simply updates the bounds after each throwComplete: http://codepen.io/membla/full/dAFzG To my solution's advantage it does honor the edgeResistance setting but we both share the same issue I could not come up with a good way of adressing: Both solutions lacks support for "fast-swiping" between slides, meaning that another "throw" before the first "throw" has finished would actually make you jump two slides. If you compare to how for example iScroll and native iOS handles this the limitation becomes apparent. In any case - as of now I think using draggable and throwprops is the best solution for achieving this functionality currently available but it would be really cool, and certainly attractive for other developers as well (judging by the popularity of iScroll etc.) to implement more of this functionality in the Draggable/Throwprops plugins.
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    Hi, I'm having high hopes of being able to replace other touch/scroll libraries such as iScroll or FTScroller (both being good projects but sorely lacking in certain areas) with the Draggable and ThrowProps plugins. So far, the only thing I'm missing from GSAP is the possibility to limit the snap to the closest item, thus being able to implement proper "paging". FTScroller has a "strict" property to achieve this behaviour and these examples give a good explanation of the difference: http://ftlabs.github.io/ftscroller/examples/horizontalpaged.html http://ftlabs.github.io/ftscroller/examples/horizontalpaged-strict.html Except from updating the bounds and snap values after each "page" switch, I can't seem to find a way to implement this behaviour using the current API. Any chances of an implementation of this type of functionality?