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  1. Hi Rodrigo, As I told you, if one has to deal with trackpad (no mouse, no touch screen, no keyboard), draggable is not that easy except in the scrollTop mode cause the 2 fingers scrolling behavier is maintain by the browser or system. So one solution may be using liveSnap, but WITHOUT throwprops cause I did not manage to have a good result with liveSnap throwproped. With scrollTop chosen as type, add in draggable create liveSnap:function(endValue) { return your_function(endValue); } function your_function(endValue) { // Exemple Height of the view box = 435px // we have a long div with with 435px sequences // and we want to loop the part between -435 and -1305 if ((endValue > -435) || (endValue < -1305)) { my_EndValue = -870 + ( endValue % 435 ); } else { my_EndValue = endValue; } // or other way to write it // my_EndValue = ((endValue > -435) || (endValue < -1305)) ? -870 + ( endValue % 435 ) : endValue; return -my_EndValue; // need to reverse the sign of the input endValue } Thank you Rodrigo.
  2. Thank you Rodrigo. I had the same idea. Using y and also exploring the scroll proxy, livesnap ... but during the throwprops/drag, I did not get anything smooth (it only updated at the end). And using y, as mentioned, I lose the easy browsers build in 2 fingers scroll integration for trackpad. Anyway thanks a lot Rodrigo. I will continue to test with y, at least to explore and learn. And I will tell you if I did find a way.
  3. Thank you very much Rodrigo. I guess there could be other ways to do what I imagine, but draggable + throwprops in the scrollTop context is very useful to me cause it is easy to add mouwheel and two fingers scroll for trackpads. The page I am working on is http://www.balneaire.com (already with some tricks) and on the LEFT SIDE (working sample) I use draggable to go soft thru values, but I would like to have an infinite draggable scrollable loop. For the developper of tweenmax/draggable/throwprops, it shall be easier to do this : Looping option in scrollTop mode. OR at least, a way to manually shift the dynamic scrollTop value during a tick (onDrag, onThrowUpdate) without breaking the general movement. Imagine the dynamic scrollTop value is growing with velocity 1 2 3 4 5 6 ( here you shall be able to shift it to 1 manually according to a value test > 5) and continue 1 2 3 4 5 6 ... smooth. Perhaps easier to explain than to do ? That could really be a famous navigation option.
  4. Hi, I use the great draggable + throwprops in the scrollTop context. Now, I would like to build an infinite scroll loop, both way up and down, as a sort of spinning wheel (often used to select a day month hour ...). I have tried onDrag, onThrowUpdate, testing and changing dynamically the scrollTop() based on my limit values, but it is impossible during the animation, only after. I am now searching using liveSnap or any update() method or thru scrollProxy object changes ? It shall be easy to use scrollTop to build a loop (shifting onthego the dynamic value used by scrollTop), to endlessly loop the scrolled content without breaking the great and smooth draggable animation. = infinite scrollable using draggable, throwprops and scrollTop ? If the scrollTop is higher then the scrollable_limit we have chosen, we wanna that the scrollTop return to 0 while not breaking the actual drag or throwprops movement. And if the scrollTop is 0 and the user want to see the end while dragging, the scrollTop shall be set to the scrollable_limit we set. It could really be useful ! So the user has never to return far up or far down and have an endless repeatition of the content ( scrolling a menu From A to Z, A to Z, A to Z or Z to A, Z to A, Z to A ... ) smooth. Thank you.
  5. mobile

    Infinite Draggable

    Hi, I am using draggable + throwprops and I want to build an infinite draggable loop using scrollTop. I would like to obtain the same effect than I could using rotation, an infinite scroll loop but I want to drag with an axe and not rotation. So during drag or throwupdate I need to update the scrollTop while not breaking the dragging or throwprops. Imagine a text to be scrolled, with 26 lines A to Z into a 3 lines container. So one can easily use draggable + throwprops to scroll the alphabet. But I would like to be able to scroll by dragging with throwprops infinitely, A-Z A-Z A-Z, without the need to have a locked position at A and Z. In fact, I want to build an infinite draggable scrollable smooth wheel, exactely as an infinite rotation jog, but only using one axe. Some mobile applications use that to select date day hours, we face a roll with all the value, and you can turn it. Draggable and throwprops is very near to offer this. I just need to loop without stopping the animation. What the best strategy to use draggable + throwprops with scrolltop and make it infinite loopable ? The looping shift update has to be invisible and has not to break the smooth animation at all. This could offer fantastic perspectives to build navigation and draggable is better then hammer.js and so on to build a dragpad (even if not first done for that).