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  1. I updated the chrome and it worked, thank you very much Jonathan. I was geting crazy on this
  2. I tried that, it works when i change the window, but not when i'm changing tabs :/
  3. Hi guys, i have slideshow tween on a page that i'm doing, but everytime that i switch tabs in my browser and stay for a while in this other tab, when i get back to the page, the slideshow accumulates javascript queue and it starts frenetic running the script that did not runned when i was in the other tab, how can i solve this problem? here is some of my code. Sorry for the english. Thank you Diverso.prototype.highlight = function () { var actual = parseInt($('.showSlide').attr('id').replace('slide-','')); if(actual == $('.slide').length - 1){ var next = 1; }else{ var next = actual + 1; } $('.showSlide').removeClass('showSlide'); $('#slide-'+ next).addClass('showSlide'); diverso.tl.to($('.boxSlides'), 0.8, {left: '-='+$('.slide').width(), onComplete:function(){ $('.thumbShow').removeClass('thumbShow'); $('#thumb-'+ next).addClass('thumbShow'); if(next == 1){ diverso.tl.to($('.boxSlides'), 0.001, {left: 0, onComplete:function(){ diverso.highlight(); }}); }else{ diverso.highlight(); } } }, "+=5.0"); };