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    Hi. I would like to add class to my element when animation started, and remove class when animation is completed. var tl = new TimelineLite(); tl.from('#heroPreloader', 2, {onStart: onStart, onComplete: onComplete}) .from('#heroContent', 3, {autoAlpha: 0}); function onStart() { tl.set('#heroPreloader', {className: '+=preloader_show'}); } function onComplete() { tl.set('#heroPreloader', {className: '-=preloader_show'}) } But nothing is happened. Class not adding and not removing. Anyone tell me why?
  2. I create application where user upload photo from local computer, and then scaling and rotating photo using slider. I use TransformManager. I want crop only face when user click on button. Here screenshot similar application After click next button image cropping. But I don't know how to crop image without double clicking on image and then choose area. I disable scale and rotation handle and using only slider. For example. I have image inside sprite. Image have size 2000x2000. After change scaleX and scaleY using slider, image size have 800x800. My crop area 330x354. How to crop i
  3. I change scale and rotation property only using my custom slider. I disable line around object and scale handles using properties manager.lineThickness = 0; manager.handleSize = 0; I have two questions: 1) I move(drag) an image I want to use default flash hand cursor. How to do that? 2) Is there a way how to disable rotation handles? I know that exists two methods customizeMoveCursor and customizeRotationCursor, but how to pass hand cursor and disable rotation cursor using these methods I don't know. Loading...