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    Hi. I would like to add class to my element when animation started, and remove class when animation is completed. var tl = new TimelineLite(); tl.from('#heroPreloader', 2, {onStart: onStart, onComplete: onComplete}) .from('#heroContent', 3, {autoAlpha: 0}); function onStart() { tl.set('#heroPreloader', {className: '+=preloader_show'}); } function onComplete() { tl.set('#heroPreloader', {className: '-=preloader_show'}) } But nothing is happened. Class not adding and not removing. Anyone tell me why?
  2. I create application where user upload photo from local computer, and then scaling and rotating photo using slider. I use TransformManager. I want crop only face when user click on button. Here screenshot similar application After click next button image cropping. But I don't know how to crop image without double clicking on image and then choose area. I disable scale and rotation handle and using only slider. For example. I have image inside sprite. Image have size 2000x2000. After change scaleX and scaleY using slider, image size have 800x800. My crop area 330x354. How to crop image using this crop area. And how to update image size in crop.update() method then I change image size. Here full http://pastebin.com/ZZJ9RhH7.
  3. I change scale and rotation property only using my custom slider. I disable line around object and scale handles using properties manager.lineThickness = 0; manager.handleSize = 0; I have two questions: 1) I move(drag) an image I want to use default flash hand cursor. How to do that? 2) Is there a way how to disable rotation handles? I know that exists two methods customizeMoveCursor and customizeRotationCursor, but how to pass hand cursor and disable rotation cursor using these methods I don't know. Loading...