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  1. Hi Rodrigo, Thanks a lot for your reply. I was able to swap out the "left" for "x" for the menu animation, but not for the body. It seems the translation of the body affects the menu with the translation, but not with the left positioning...
  2. Hey there, I've inherited someone else's code at work. They use your plugin and I gotta say, it's very cool. There's still some stuff I can't figure out though... I need to replace an animation that uses the "left" property to a css transition to make it more smooth, but i can't figure out the syntax... (Just to give you some context, the site has a full height menu on the left. When your cursor goes on top of it, the contents of the page shifts to the left with the menu, but the timing isn't the same so we get an overlapping animated effect) defineOpenCloseAnimation: function() { var e = this, n = e.$el.width(); e.openCloseAnimation = TweenMax.fromTo(e.$el, .500, { left: -1 * n }, { left: 0, paused: !0, ease: Quart.easeOut }), $body = $("body"), e.openCloseBodyAnimation = TweenMax.fromTo($body, 0.8, { left: 0, ease: Quint.easeInOut }, { left: n, paused: !0, ease: Quart.easeInOut }) } Thanks!
  3. Howdy internet, I was wondering if there was a way to set a different duration for the .play() and .reverse() animations. I tried to use a function instead of a value, but according to my console, it's only called once, so that value is stored in memory... Thanks!