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  1. Hi, I'm trying to understand the next part of the code published as an example, someone I could explain what happens when you do the following? //The original post $("li").each(function(index, element){ var tl = new TimelineLite({paused:true}); tl.to(element, 0.2, {width:120, padding:20}) .to(element, 0.2, {backgroundColor:"#004", color:"orange"}, "-=0.1") element.animation = tl; }) //please explain me, only this part $("li").each(function(index, element){ //code...... element.animation = tl; // this, that does this? }) I can use any property name? Thanks...
  2. Thanks @Diaco.AW, It works great ... There is some form of pre get the value of the height buy i need adjust the space between other elements around the header, in your example the way the event is run just one look is finished animation. I need adjuste the espace between header and sidebar if i use the oncomplete callback only runs after o finished the eventa and some gaps around the header. Thanks
  3. Hello, in the following link, i have a sample o collapsing a header height with tweenmax, but in the line 84 a create a variable to get the height of the header, when the header is collapse the console show me 140px, but when is open show me 45. In the big height shows me the small height and viceversa. I use the reverse function to open and close the header, how to get the correct value of the header and not the reverse reference o the height. The link with the example here: http://jsfiddle.net/Gonzalo2683/0veqxee1/ Thaks
  4. Thanks Carl, I'm still learning how the library works, and thanks for suggesting SlowMo looks great, investigare how to use it. Although not achieving progressive blur effect
  5. Regards, Recently I am learning to use the GreenSock libraries and now I'm doing the animation of photographs column when clicking on a button that scrolls down. Apply a blur filter to give it a blur on the Y axis and I can not make this return to the original state, I mean, that would slowly diminishes blur filter and stops. I'm using TweenMax to animate with As3, the following piece of code is the one I use to make the animation, and the blur does stop abruptly and do not slowly returning to their original state. I hope I can help. thanks TweenMax.to(column, 2 {y:column.y ease:Quart.easeInOut, blurFilter:{blurX:0, blurY:20, remove:true}});