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  1. This issue occurs with small videos as well as large. I am pre loading the video. So I believe this is to do with a known flash weirdness of video not rendering when attaching and pausing immediately. An issue greensock claims it handles using _video.cacheAsBitmap = false Is there any underlying netstream event I can listen to that will guarantee to trigger when video is rendered or shortly thereafter? thanks!
  2. Hey there I'm using video loader to load a video. While this is happening, I have some other image covering the screen. I add the video to the stage, I wait until the load is complete, autoplay is false, buffertime is huge. When loading is complete, I start playing and hide the cover image. My problem is that I see a white screen for a few milliseconds before the video appears. onComplete() :void { coverScreen.visible = false; video.playVideo(); } I tried to mitigate this problem by moving the oncomplete code to some cuepoint at the beginning of the video, but the cuepoint needs to be at time > 0.5 seconds before the problem goes away. this is too long. When can I guarantee that the video will be visible? what event should I be listening to? VideoLoader.PLAY doesn't seem to do the trick. thanks.