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  1. @OSUblake Thanks for the revision! The deltaX and deltaY properties definitely simplified things a bit. I like your code, as it does use the actual handles in the div and can easily apply bounds. Wish I would have come across your version first. I ended up sticking with Sahil's code however, as I had already built out a complex application with it. So did not use the Draggable bounds and just put in some math in the update function to calculate when the sides hit the edges of my container. Thanks!
  2. Hi Sahil, Your resizable/draggable div code is great! It's helped me quite a bit! Hope this thread is not too old to ask a question. Wondering if you could provide an revision in which bounds are imposed on the div being resized. Since all the actual draggable elements are "proxies" the 'bounds:' parameter doesn't work. So other than creating bounds limit calculations from scratch in the update functions, wondering if you have some idea of how to leverage GreenSock code to do so? Thanks!