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  1. mafox296's post in fading problem with i.e 11 was marked as the answer   
    I have taken your advice and made the outer Div, the panel's, position relative, and the three subordinate Divs , the ones containing the graphics, absolute. I have also made the styles in-line and the three graphics, the background, a line drawing, and a simple pentagon, all with a position absolute. I expect the code to cause the pentagon, ID = glass, to fade in and out followed by the line drawing, ID = lines, to fade in and out. This works ,as before in Chrome. In I.E version 11, the pentagon just comes up, no fading, disappears, and after a long wait, the delays and the tweening times, as does the line drawing, no fading in or out. Additionally, although I have autoalpha = 0 , the graphics flash briefly, in both browsers. The code then sets this to 0; I attach the code plus the three graphics, also the URL of the example. Yes I still have a little hair left. Thanks, Michael   URL of example. http://michaelafoxorg.ipage.com/Opacity/opacity.html