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  1. That's it! Thank you very very much! And sorry about my english.
  2. Thank you for your reply. So...I can use my second way.But throwProps cant use if I use another div move with content div. Do you have any suggest about this solution? Thank you again~
  3. I have create a div like this: <div id="content" > <div id="textContent"> aaaaaaaaaaaaaa </div> </div> Draggable.create("#content", { type:"top,left", edgeResistance:0.5, bounds:window }); But I cant copy the words "aaaaaaaaaaaaaa". I have tried data-clickable="true". But I still cant set focus on the words. Plz help me . . BTW I have a simple solution.But cant use throwProps. <div id="textArea"> aaaaaaaa </div> <div id="content"> </div> Draggable.create("#content", { type:"top,left", edgeResistance:0.5, bounds:window, dragClickables:false, onDrag:function() { $( "#textArea").css({"top":this.y,"left":this.x}); } }); And sorry about my terrible English...