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  1. Hey Thanx for the reply. To make my query simple here is my code for the Tweens. var testTween = new TweenLite(); testTween.to(targetElement, 10, {vars}); As shown above, testTween will tween itself for 10 seconds. Now the question is "Is it possible to tween this for 15 seconds without changing the speed of the tween? i.e. repeating a tween 1.5 times." I don't want to timescale the tween as it will slow down the animation. Thanx.
  2. Hi, I have multiple small timelines added into a main timeline. And main timeline is controlled by a slider control and play pause buttons. The small timelines can be a text animation with a read time wait, or an image animation. This is my set up for text + image animation screen. I want to add a timeline to main timeline of an animation which keeps on repeating itself for the wait read time of a text animation timeline. Is there anyway to repeat an animation or play an animation in a loop for X amount of time (in seconds)? Thanx.
  3. Thanx brother for the help, I have achieved the character animation. But the assets for the animation i.e. pngs sequence or animation sprite are very heavy compared to the original SWF file with same animation. Any idea how it can be made robust for loading the assets.
  4. Thanx Rodrigo, I had gone through the example which Jamie has made. It was really helpful. But I have one more problem, since I am basically from FLASH background and making an animation is much more easier in FLASH. But to make sprite of all possible animation frames as PNGs will take whole lot of effort. Let me know if there is any tool to convert an animation into an image sequence to reduce my effort and i can focus more on controlling the sprite rather than making animation frames. Thanx Again.
  5. Hello, First of all "GREENSOCK ROCKS !!!" I want to make character animation just like flash, in HTML5. I don't know from where i can start with this. Following are my options 1) Making a continuous film strip and somehow controlling the shifting the background of a div to make an animation. 2) Making an animation in an encoder or something (haven't thought of) and converting into an html5. Also i want to control the animation with slider and want to synch it with an audio. I know GREENSOCK can make it easier, but don't know how??
  6. Hi, I am facing a problem with controling the frames with audio in its timeline using TweenMax. Frames are playing perfectly but audio is not playing. If i try to play the swf normally using swf.play(); it works fine. Any clue why it might be happening??
  7. Thanx for your quick replies. i will use the public methods to synchronise the audio. But i would love to have audio handling with Greensock as it will help us to play, pause, reverse etc. controls. Anyways thanx a lot for the help. You made my one week work worth it. Greensock ROXXXXX ... Happy Halloweening
  8. Thanx, Additionally i want to control audio by adding an audio into a Timeline (dynamically). Is it possible to control audio (play, pause etc.) by any grrensock plugin??
  9. Hi All, I want to control the frames of design time movieclip. I have a movieclip which has 100 frames animation. And i want to control the frames with other tween animation in Timeline. However I am unable to achive this because pausing a parent timeline doesn't pause the inner moviclips animation. Is it possible to control the (design time frame) animations in TimelineMax??