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  1. Hello Yes, I moved it to my src directory. Thank you again!
  2. Hello Jack, Yes, It works now. Thank you very much! But honestly I am not sure that I understand why It works now. And is this a good practice to just copy/paste the bonus plugin files in node_modules/gsap? Because I don't have actually defined dependencies for those files. This may cause future problems and confusion. What is the best practice actually? Maybe It is better to copy them somewhere in my src directory? Thank you once again.
  3. Hello, I just downloaded the current version of gsap zip package. I am a Club GreenSock member and the package includes all the bonus plugins. In my project I want to use MorphSVGPlugin to do some SVG morphing. My project setup is based on npm/webpack/react. Normally to use the basic gsap API I just run : npm install --save gsap This works fine without any problems. However as being a part of the paid version of greensock, MorphSVGPlugin is not included in that npm package. So I decided to just copy/paste MorphSVGPlugin.js