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  1. Hello Greensock community! This is a newbie question about writing efficient code and what Greensock is capable of... I have this Codepen with various snippets taken from suggestions in this forum... The point is to have a div of filterable items with a hovering pulse effect on the items and a straight hover effect on the buttons. http://codepen.io/pkunzipula/pen/kvsjA Issues: The buttons don't retain their active state when clicked [hover(over,out) reverses pink color] The boxes play, but do not reverse... I am using Jquery to show and hide the selected objects...is it possible to change display values as part of the Greensock animation instead? As a newbie, I'm not sure how much of this can I do with Greensock animation, vs. writing CSS rules and applying classes and using Jquery (show/hide). I am very bad with script, so if someone could help me clean this up and explain what is happening, I would really appreciate it. Thank you guys for all your help so far! Have a great day! -James
  2. Thank you, Rodrigo. I will definitely search this forum better next time. That was exactly what I needed... Jonathan...is your example creating the pulse effect?
  3. Hello, GSAP Community! I am brand new to GSAP, and I can't wait to get a grip on it. I have been looking at the documentation, watching videos...and it occurred to me that ... how do you do something as simple as a hover effect, say a box-shadow, like the orangeGlow example? I can get the effect to play forward on-hover, but how do I reverse it off-hover without repeating the same set of animations back to the original values? Sorry for getting so basic, but I gotta start somewhere. Thank you all for your efforts with this amazing script! -James