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  1. Jack thank you very much, your solution works like a charm. I'm almost 100% happy with the results except by the fact that i need to dive into trigonometry again to fix it in my mind Rodrigo, that could be an option, but for the motion that i've planned the ease is fundamental. As soon as i can, i will post the final result here. Ins't 100% dynamic how i would like to, but i think the final result was cool. In the first time i was using TimelineMax to control all of this (in/out), i give up cause i don't find a way to change the ease of those objects after i've created them. After a little research i saw that could not be a good ideia change the ease after it's created. More infos (http://forums.greensock.com/topic/7810-change-easing-on-timeline-tweens-without-remaking-the-timeline/) In the meanwhile i realize that this motion would be more cool if the objects enter from one point of the screen and get out by another one JFY you guys rock!
  2. First at all, thanks for all the answers Well that's make sense, reading the docs again i understand that i can't use right expecting the same results, like Jack said. Using x/y properties and negative values for x the autoRotation works fine but in a opposite way i think that is because of the negative x. Maybe the solution is use a custom autoRotate or apply a rotation in an onUpdate. http://codepen.io/thiagocoelho/pen/zyxlb
  3. Hi folks, I'm having trouble with BezierPlugin, i've done a motion where i caught a bunch of blocks and tween all of then through different paths. When i'm tweening from left to right, everything works fine, but when i try to tween those blocks from right to left the autoRotate doesn't work. I'm not posting yet any example code just to see if anyone already had this problem and knows how to solve it. Anyway i will do a sample in codepen asap. That was fast, i've remembered a example that i saw at codepen and i've used it to reproduce the problem. Check it out, http://cdpn.io/zyxlb Thank you.