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  1. Hey!


    Thanks for an immediate response!


    The reason why it has been put inside a TimelineMax is that I have a series of animations taking place like scenes. Each scene is written as a TimelineLite and started inside the TimelineMax object. 


    Basically the animation is like a parallax scroll where there are pointers which has tooltip. Each pointer will be displayed after the background is zoomed in, and moved to the pointer's position, once the pointer's location is acheived, the tooltip pops out showing some information. From there on the next pointer is shown on screen while the bg div moves left/right. This process continues till all the pointers are shown with their respective tooltips. Imagine it's something like a facebook wall timeline animation.


    I hope I was clear in defining the animation to you guys.


    Now the point is, I want to make it responsive and define my markers on the run. That is, the pointers will be dependant on the screen width/height and also the date parameter which will actually vary for different users. 


    Which do you guys suggest is the best way to animate such responsive design?


    Thanks in advance

  2. Hi,


    I have a responsive HTML5 page which has specific areas which will zoom in locate a particular tween animation. Is there a way by which I can update the tween vars object [left, top] dynamically on run time?




  3. Thanks, I got it working now.


    The issue was using it as



    But we should use it as document.getElementById("xyz")


    Now I have a query here, when TweenMax.to("#xyz",...) works based on doc.getElemenyBID or jQuery, why isn't killChildTweensOf() configured that way ..?

    It would avoid a lot of confusion actually.

  4. Team,


    Doesn't mozilla firefox support TweenMax feature? I don't see it working in IE7 too.


    I have a set of ordered list that will flyin on page load. This works fine in Chrome, IE8 and IE9, but it doesn't seem to work fine in Firefox 14 and IE7.


    Could you please let us know the support features.


    And the error obtained in FF is as below:


    "TypeError: can't convert undefined to object: Line 14, Tweenmax.js"




  5. Suppose I have 2 ul with li elements, based on a single button click, I will enable the animation on the ul's based alternatively. Suppose the animation on the li's have sequenced order and take, say 5 seconds, to complete, and before the animation has even stopped, If I click on the button again, the animation on the previous does not stop while the animation on the second already starts.


    So question is now simple, how do you stop the animation of an object if a new animation is propagated on the same timelinelite object but with different DOM objects?


    Basically saying, stop in jquery.