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  1. Yes the issue is resolved, if you ever have any position or pin issues, best bet is to pushFollowers to false and put in manual spacing via div and padding.
  2. The code base is a little big at this point but I an include link to the staging areas. http://optimine.nextmp.net/ http://optimine.nextmp.net/js/pp_scripts.js Most of this is happening on the home page. I have 3 main pin animations on the page. What I want to do is force all three timelinelite animations to go to their final frame as if they have been played. I can force them to final frame but they don't seem to play after that.
  3. Yep I already submitted an issue or feature request there, I just was wondering if anyone had insight on the forcing timelines to advance part.
  4. The basic of my problem is that I am using superscrollorama to pin timelineLite animations and when I want to jump to another part of the html page going up works fine but going back down is slowed down, (the anchor points are offset by part of the pixel animation that is bigger then the image so links don't go to the correct point on the page), by the animation being done in the timeline. I was hoping for a good way for setting timeline animation to be complete but I have been having problems of goto a specific frame and such. I originally tried to unpin all the pins and put them back in but that doesn't seem to do what I wanted. So now I am trying to complete the animation before I scroll to it so it gets by the pins at the fastest rate. I know you guys don't go deep into superscrollorama but I am just looking for how best to complete a timelite animation to it's final frame from a click event. Any ideas would be helpful.