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  1. Wow, thanks. That looks quite promising.
  2. Thank you both for your quick replies. I'm afraid I need to retain the complex structure and interactivity of the content exported by Animate CC, so converting it to an svg would not be ideal. Previous searches had already turned up many of the examples you have linked to, but I liked the look and motion of your solution the best. Is there any relatively simple way to pan and zoom to a specific target rectangle within the canvas element using GSAP? I am an actionscript refugee and trying to figure out how to duplicate some of my previous functionality in this new and foreign land
  3. PointC, would your viewBox animation effect be able to be applied to an item inside a Canvas object created with Adobe Animate CC? If so, could you give some direction as to how? Thanks!!
  4. I have done a lot of work in ActionScript over the years developing interactive maps for use online and in kiosks. I'm making the jump into JavaScript, and I'm looking at the various tools available. I make extensive use of the MatrixTransformer class in my ActionScript work to facilitate precise zooming and panning in my maps. Is there currently a good solution in GSAP for JavaScript for accomplishing these tasks? If not, is there any plan for including a MatrixTransformer analog in GSAP for JavaScript? Thank you.