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  1. Sorry for the delayed response, screwed myself up slipping on the ice and needed surgery, just getting back into sitting in a chair now. Update: Tested and working with the new packages. Thanks much!
  2. Update: Still the same issue with the preview. I can get by for now on the old libs, I guess.
  3. Test cases: Old versions (v11): http://www.silicongraffiti.com/Wheels/index.html Touch on IE doesn't work, but scrolling is smooth in all browsers. New versions (v12): http://www.silicongraffiti.com/Wheels/index_v2.html Touch works on IE, scrolling works on everything except IE - IE ignores the first, third, fifth, etc. events.
  4. Update: Got the correct files! That's the good part. The bad part: Even with an updated ThrowPropsPlugin, the behaviour continues. Tested in multiple browsers and the problem only occurs in IE, so I assume it's linked to the updates adding the IE touch events. I'll post a couple of test cases shortly.
  5. Yep, my bad, I downloaded the public package rather than my membership one. Whoops!
  6. Hi guys, I was running a little test site in v11 and it was working fine except Draggable wasn't supporting IE11 touch events. No worries, I knew that. So then v12 came out, and I grabbed it and overwrote my .js files - but there's no ThrowPropsPlugin in the v12 package. I tried using the old one from v11 and got some unexpected behaviour - Draggable only fires on every second click or touch.