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  1. Ok, thanks. I can maybe use that, but it'll still be more of a hassle than I was hoping for. I may just construct a number of timeLines, one for each case where the proportions of each child may be different. In my case, I'll just need one other timeLine with different proportions. No big deal.
  2. Thanks. Ok, this is not my exact code, but it shows what I'm getting at: http://jsfiddle.net/blueshell/rX8zy/ When I click the changeFallDuration button and then fallAndSlide, the "ball" will stop for 1.5 seconds before the slide goes off. My question is then: Is there an easy way to shorten the fall tween's duration (while it is in fallAndSlide), such that the ball won't stop before sliding? Without making a new fallAndSlide timeLine preferably. I have a much larger system I'm working with in reality, where a media file is played along with a long timeLine, and I need to adjust each of its child when I change between media files (because some parts may be longer or shorter than the previous media file). It seems clunky to create a new timeLine each time the media changes. I have to run through quite a bit of code lines to construct it again.
  3. Hey. Is there an easy way to change the totalDuration of a child of a parent timeLine in a way that also changes the duration of that parent to fit? Right now, if I lower the child's totalDuration, a delay is added after it on the parent instead of shrinking the parent to fit. I can make a new Timeline every time I change child totalDurations and then add them to it, but I just want to know if there's a cleaner way I'm missing. Note: I'm changing a child's proportion towards the rest of the children, so changing the parent's scale or totalDuration will not work.
  4. Alright, thanks. Yea, that will suite me fine.
  5. Hey, I've recently begun trying out the Tween and Timeline libraries. Looks mostly nice, definitely a time saver. I just came across an issue while using the TweenMax.set method with KineticPlugin. When I put a repeat, repeatDelay and yoyo on it, the object on the canvas does not change (immediately) in the repeatDelay intervals. Only the last repeat result is displayed. In contrast, a normal TweenMax.to works normally. I made a fiddle here for demonstration: http://jsfiddle.net/blueshell/5rwYs/ Do tell if I'm thinking this wrong and there's an easier method to achieve the same purpose. I just want a shape to have its values updated instantly (seen on the canvas) between some intervals.