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  1. exactly what Itest myself but I had to send a question to that project to find that out https://github.com/McPants/jquery.shapeshift/issues/76
  2. I saw isotop but thought it was a bit to much but you might be right , it mybe a better solution cheers
  3. Hi Jonothan That's the closest I can get for sure Thanks The source of my real problem is in fact in that grid I was trying to mix 2 libs http://mcpants.github.io/jquery.shapeshift/ and tweens and as I discovered in the grid system when hidding an element there's no repositioning so That was the cause it had nothing to do with the Tweens , So I'm still stuck on the other hand I learn a bit more thanks to your samples Cheers
  4. Thanks for the answers I tried all these solutions but unfortunetly they don't solve the issue I tried to get my codepen to work but wasn't able but here's my code http://codepen.io/oceatoon/pen/dFDze maybe it will help us find a solution Tibor
  5. Hi first of all , I'd like to say thanks for this humungous lib, I love it !! I'm building a show hide filter using Tween with scale animations on a list of div block function filterType(type,color){ /*$(".people ").hide(); $("."+type).show();*/ TweenLite.to(".people ", 1, {scaleY:0}); TweenLite.to("."+type, 1, {scaleY:1,backgroundColor:color}); } but each hidden block keeps it's space because the block remains what would be the right way to do this ? Regards Tibor