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  1. No not weird. The view slows down eventually. I can't give the code unfortunately, as much as I want to, let me explain it: The view starts to rotate with the option of ease:Circ.easeInOut. Assume the view should slow down starting from time t. But between t and t+0.5, where unit of t is seconds, it accelerates shortly, then it continues to slow down and stops. My question is, at the moment of t, there must be a value for decreasing of velocity of the view for Circ option. Is this value calculated as radian or degree?
  2. Yes it does when I don't use ease option like {ease:Circ.easeInOut}. But when I do, it speeds up where it needs to slow down smoothly.
  3. Hi there. I'm trying to use TweenMax.to() in a starling app with the ease option of Circ.easeInOut while rotating a view. I used the same thing in a flash app and there was no problem. But in Starling, when the animation is about to finish, the view speeds up suddenly and then slows down. I guess it's because Starling only works with radians, and somewhere in the code TweenMax uses degree values. Same problem occurs between two rotating animations: I mean when the first animation is finished, a second one is called in the onComplete method and the same sudden speeding-up problem is seen during this transition. Any solution?