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  1. Thank you Rodrigo. This is absolutlely awesome. Two things maybe, it's ok that when you go back the whole page is displayed without the animation, when you go back right however I'd like the animation to start over. Also, can you describe how you did the div / pages animation since i can't find them at codepen? I mean are there any if statetments etc, or is just strait to timeline? Thank you again.
  2. Rodrigo, I hate to bother you again, but I could really use some kind of solution already. You were very close with your previous example. We just need to establish the active/displayed page and trigger the tweens on that page.
  3. Well, i'm not sure one time animation is a solution. I was thinking of onSwipe event. When you swipe to next page you stop the tweening on current page and swipe to the next or previous it depends on left or right swipe. That way you still move only one page, but don't have to wait for the animation to be over.
  4. No, no you're absolutly right. It should be this way. I was just thinking that maybe if you would want to swipe fast to a certain page where you left off or smth. But it's not a big deal. It should definitely move one page at the time and trigger the animation on the displayed page. Thank you!
  5. Looks great already. The one thing i've noticed is, that it doesn't change a page if you swipe before the previous tween/throw/dragg is finished. Maybe just a little faster easeOut would be enough. Other than that - it's awesome and very responsive on iPad also.
  6. Hi Rodrigo, Thank you for your reply. I've managed to learn a lot of greensock animation just by following examples. That's why I would like to use these tools more then say motion artis etc. Even if I have to pay full greensock membership:) As I said I'm not a coder as such and probably that's why I'm really stuck here. Using draggable for instance: when the active/visible slide is swiped to the left I would like to tween it to the left of stage (minus left position) and tween next slide to the visible stage from the right position at the same time. And I would like that/now active page to snap in the zero position, so that the whole page is displayed no matter how hard or soft you scroll/swipe the previous one. But i don't see end x position for the dragging object, there is just bound window or container in the example... Once the slide/page is visible the specific tween animation for this page should start. I hope that all makes sense. Yes, a basic two, three page example would do wonders for this:) Thank you.
  7. Hi, I'm not exactly a coder but would like to use greensock for interactive comic book animation. There was already one question here about comics, but that was about controling the timeline in scrolling. I would like to use divs for slides/pages and you should swipe horizontaly from one to the next. I would like to control the animation within each div when that div/slide/page is visible and stop the animation when you swipe to other page. There should be restart of animation every time you revisit the page. Can I use draggable for swipe animation between slides? Would love to see some easy example of this... Thanks!