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  1. Hi, I am building a Flash piece that contains a lot of video. I have been experimenting with both the Flash FLVPlayback component and the Greensock VideoLoader. I have been trying to simulate a slow internet connection by uploading my flash video to a server. Then I open the Flash video file in my browser and disconnect the ethernet cable from my computer, just as it's starting to play. I wait for the video to get stuck in a buffering state, then I reconnect the ethernet cable. With both the Flash FLVPlayback component and the Greensock VideoLoader - when I do this, the video remains stuck in a buffering state, even though the internet has been reconnected. Is this a bad method for simulating a slow internet connection? I had hoped that the VideoLoader would automatically detect that the internet is available again and continue downloading, but this doesn't seem to happen. Is there a way that I can get the VideoLoader to detect a break in the internet connection, and start downloading and playing again when the internet connection resumes? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks