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  1. So there lies the problem I was looking for a solution to integrate the inertia effect from the draggable demo into my kinetic app but it seems I have to code it on my own. Anyway thank you!
  2. Hey guys! I'm trying to make my Kinetic Layer draggable with the draggable plugin but I'm not quite sure if I'm doing it right. Maybe you guys can help me out a little. This is what I have so far: viewPort = new Kinetic.Stage({ container: 'container', width: window.innerWidth, height: window.innerHeight }); mapLayer = new Kinetic.Layer(); Draggable.create(mapLayer, {type:"x,y", edgeResistance:0.65, throwProps:true}); mapLayer.add(...); // adding map tiles to the layer viewPort.add(mapLayer); but I'm always getting: "Uncaught TypeError: Cannot set property 'onselectstart' of null --- Draggable.min.js:14". I have a feeling that I'm doing something terribly wrong here ... greetings Skripted