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  1. Thank you for the very fast and very informative replies there folks. I am sorry if I am that too lazy on reading docs or related topics. I tried searching some time but it returns to be not the one I want. I had accomplished what I want with this code: myElementTL.pause(0); myElementTL.clear(); and then trigger it again to make it restart if my condition triggers its restart with this: myElementTL.restart(); ...Anyway, thank you for all the replies. I will try and reconfigure what I did if the above of your solutions are better. Thanks
  2. Is there any way for all the timeline/tweens to reset back to starting position all at once and pause them there and wait until triggered to play/resume again except the currently triggered timeline? for example, I have 2 slides which identifies element if it was currently on the viewport and then fires the tween sequence inside a timelineMax. (don't mind the viewport identification as it was already done) I tried TweenMax.killAll(false, true, false); but what it did was, it pauses all the delayed and remaining tweens which leaves the current state of element. What I want is since these elements are came from autoAlpha:0, it will be set back to their starting timeline sequence and wait until being triggered again. That means when another timeline is triggered, it will abort all remaining tweens of the previous timeline and vise versa for both slides. The killAll scenario is, I can see the elements that are stopped and I don't want that. I want them to have all fresh entry everytime the sequence is triggered. I am sorry for this issue has been solved years ago. Sorry for opening same thread.