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  1. jonathan - thanks a bunch! I will try playing with this fiddle. I am very new to greensock so will have to go through the docs to get better acquainted. Thanks again!
  2. Here is the new improved version. http://maureendunlap.com/vif/carousel.html I'm pretty happy with it, but there is still something a bit off with the way the animation flows. If you click the buttons you'll see it is a bit jerky when the item comes to the top. I want to make this into a sort of template for several similar projects. Any thoughts on smoothing this out and making it more realistic?
  3. That was the issue! Thanks so much!!
  4. I have created a prototype for a carousel which should function similar to the popular cover flow interaction. This will be used as with html to describe steps in a process, rather than a photo slide show. It's all working great except for the scaling issue. As each step comes to the front it should obviously scale to be the largest, but it's not working right. Obviously I'm applying something wrong somewhere. Here is my example: http://jsfiddle.net/MaureenDunlap/SjJLQ/