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  1. Hey Guys, Thanks for the swift responses. The flicking image thing Carl mentioned is another issue, related to me not pre-loading the images. My main concern is that first tween (or lack thereof). To show this, if you click on the Black bash first, the image that it replaces it with is already loaded (it's the default one). The first time you click it, nothing seems to happen, it doesn't do the tween, but switches the image for itself, so no difference there. The second click gets the desired effect, where the black ring fades out, and is replaced with a black ring (the same image,
  2. Hey all, Relatively fresh in the web-dev world, really enjoying using greensock! I've been working on the website for my company. One of the features of the site will be a colour chooser/builder, allowing visitors to choose/design there own variation of one of our products (Mountain Bike related in this case). The idea is, you select the colour of the component you want, and it tweens to the select colour. I need it to fade out of the current colour, then into the selected. I've got it working, although the images I have are slightly large and un-optimized at the moment. I've create