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  1. Hi, Rodrigo. Thanks for the fresh take on my problem. Unfortunately, my situation requires that I change the position attribute of the child elements to "absolute" after the zoom. When I forked and added the layout changes I need to make into your click event, I get the same result as before. I have settled for a less desirable effect (simplified example here). I think the solution I would need to get the effect I wanted would require separating my index view entirely from the fullscreen content - which is way more work than I budgeted for. I don't know whether this is a defect in the browser, JQuery, or Greensock, but it certainly seems like a legitimate expectation that layout changes on child elements shouldn't interfere with animating the parent later on. Anyway, thanks again for your time and ingenuity, Rodrigo. Nathan
  2. Hi, Rodrigo. Thanks for looking at my code and the reply! You are correct about my misuse of "inline-block" as a value for "position" when it is a value of the display property. Unfortunately, correcting this does not alter the behavior of TimelineMax with subsequent animation. Take a look. That was a typo I accidentally introduced when I threw together the sample -- it wasn't in my original project. It still looks to me like layout changes are breaking TimelineMax.
  3. It appears that once you change CSS properties that effect page layout, the effected elements can no longer be animated using GSAP. I have an example here that is a simplified version of my project. Click on any of the colored rectangles to see what I'm describing. The first time you click, it transforms and scrolls to simulate zooming in on a rect. But since doing so also changes layout CSS properties - it breaks as soon as you start animating again in a peculiar way. You won't be able to tell from the example why it is necessary to change layout properties, but it is something I need to do in my actual project. You can see the behavior I expected would happen by commenting out the lines of code that effect layout. Or view the fork that does so here. Is this a known issue? Am I the only one who needs to manipulate layout effecting properties between animations?