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  1. Hey Guys, I'm using the Draggable component in a horizontal list view that is responsive. Here's an early prototype http://lab.harrynorthover.com/timeline/. As you can see in the prototype, the content above the draggable component is responsive and will resize down to 640 pixels. The issue I am having is how to scale down the scrubber at the same time. Is there a way to adjust the translate3d values through Draggable so the scrubber scales down at the same pace? I've tried scaling down the width of the scrubber or applying a negative margin left but then the drag amount becomes offset/incorrect. Is there a way to refresh the Draggable component, or scale the values down to it keeps in proportion with the rest of the content? What's the best practice for tackling resizing issues like this with Draggable? Also, is there a way to invert the direction of the dragging? So the timeline moves in the opposite direction? This is an excellent component by the way! Thanks, Harry.