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  1. Awesome. Thanks so much for the answer! I has my suspicions that it was something like that but couldn't work out how to fix it. I'll check out clear and remove and work out the fix Thanks again. p.s. Loving Greensock... and it's forum
  2. Thanks for replying. I've put together this codepen which shows the problem: http://codepen.io/tom_hartnett/pen/JgcIr Thanks for your help Tom
  3. Hi Guys, Weird problem. I've got a tweenline: var tweenCurrentPage = new TimelineMax({paused:true, onComplete:testComplete, onReverseComplete:changelogo}); element = '#aw-heading'; tweenCurrentPage.to(element,0.5,{autoAlpha: 1}); This works fine the first time and the effect lasts 0.5 seconds. I then reverse the animation this works fine; it lasts 0.5 seconds I then try and play the animation for a second time... this takes 1 second. and when reversed takes 1 seconds. Every time I do the animation, it takes an additional 0.5 seconds (or whatever this initial effect time was set to) I'd be very grateful for any ideas on how I might solve this problem? If it's any help, I've looked in the TweenMax.js file and this.totalDuration() on line 5422. Is incremented by the 0.5 secs every time. I haven't managed to work back further than this yet. Thanks all!! Tom