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  1. Thank you for the very quick reply, I don't think iv'e ever gotten such a fast reply on a support forum...


    I used the Rhernando's fix with onComplete which works.

    Odd why only 180 deg multiples dont get reset....


    Any date on the 1.10.3. release????


    Thanks again.



  2. Hey,

    I seem to have an issue with tween lite rotation. when applying rotation:180 to a div.

    The tween works once. after resetting the css of the div I apply rotation:180 it does nothing...


    It seems the transform matrix isn't cleared.

    This only happen only steps of 180, 360... anything else works fine.


     TweenLite.to($("#image1'), 5, {rotaion:180,  parseTransform: true, clearProps: "transform" });


    Thank's in advance