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  1. Hi,


    The only shop app I've worked with is os commerce, but since most of this platforms are CMS they tend to work in the same way. That includes wordpress, so you could take a look at this:




    It might give you a good start.


    Hope this helps,



    Thank you Rodrigo,

    I read the tutorial, and i think that the wordpress is like other cms, but i dont understand what javascript file i need to create? I add a CDN link in the header, but i dont know wat to do now.

  2. Hi and welcome to the forums,


    The easiest way I can think of is loop through all the objects and create a particular timeline for each and play it based on the event you need. The following example is build like that, feel free to fork it and adapt it to what you need:


    See the Pen zcAxh by rhernando (@rhernando) on CodePen


    If is not what you have in mind please let us know.


    Hope this helps,



    Hello, and thank you. Yes this is a basic idea, but i dont know how to integrate to my opecart theme.

  3. have you looked at this:




    scroll down to box shadow example  and you will see that pulse effect

    TweenMax.fromTo(greenPulse, 0.7, {
        boxShadow: "0px 0px 0px 0px rgba(0,255,0,0.3)"
    }, {
        boxShadow: "0px 0px 20px 10px rgba(0,255,0,0.7)",
        repeat: -1,
        yoyo: true,
        ease: Linear.easeNone

    also check this out might give you ideas..


    See the Pen HAJgh by GreenSock (@GreenSock) on CodePen


    Thank you for the answere. I see this but i don't know how to implement step by steb. I am not so good with javascrypt and css. I have basic skills. Can you help me to integrate this pulse effect in my opencart theme?