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  1. Thank for the tip. I remove other plugins. I only leave a (http://cdnjs.cloudfl...TweenMax.min.js) Van you test now?
  2. Thank you Rodrigo, I read the tutorial, and i think that the wordpress is like other cms, but i dont understand what javascript file i need to create? I add a CDN link in the header, but i dont know wat to do now.
  3. Thank you. I write you a message.
  4. Hello, and thank you. Yes this is a basic idea, but i dont know how to integrate to my opecart theme.
  5. Thank you for the answere. I see this but i don't know how to implement step by steb. I am not so good with javascrypt and css. I have basic skills. Can you help me to integrate this pulse effect in my opencart theme?
  6. Hello, can anybody help me with one my idea? I use opencart shop and i add shadows to my boxes. I want to add pulse multicolor effect to the shadows. Ca anybody help me with this?