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  1. What about the other question? How to apply this zoom in the area where the user made a click/touch? Regards!
  2. Hey Diaco, thanks, works like a charm. Now I can see how you defined the boundaries and position. And yes, I will use a svg instead these png to avoid blur, is a little more weight but it worths. Regards!
  3. Hello and thanks for any help you can provide guys. Here´s my little issue: I have a map I need to zoom in/out this map. When zoomed in, users may drag it to see the details. Everything works, until I try to reset the map to it´s original scale/position. If I dragged the map, when the zoom out is selected, the scale goes right, but the position goes wrong. I want the position to be reset to the original values but it goes crazy if I made a drag of it. Also, as a plus....it is possible to make this zoom in, according to the user mouse click? Sorry for my grammar! Regards!