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    Changes in autoAlpha

    Thanks! Work fine. Behavior is as expected. But i have not used opacity effect from 0 to 1. Then how can i achive this effect if i set . I set opacity:0 and then in "fromto" to 1. I did some tests and code does not work. Which data should i set to achive opacity from 0 to 1?
  2. Hello! From 1.10.1 there is this change - Altered autoAlpha behavior in CSSPlugin so that instead of explicitly setting visibility to "visible" when opacity isn't zero, it now sets it to "inherit" so that behaves more intuitively when it has an ancestor whose visibility is "hidden" (the descendent should honor that) I use patched SplitTextPlugin for implode effect to show letters in the center of page. They assemble together. There is solid text in the center of screen with visibility: hidden or opacity: 0 (it does not matter). At the first it is divided into single letters. then i put random screen coordinates to TimeLineMax and start "fromTo" method. I also add autoAlpha value to 1 to see letters pn screen. Before 1.10.1 there were no problems. Now visibility is inherit and i don't know how to fix it. IMHO there is not a good idea to change visibility to "inherit" because there is need to show objects (text for example) from 0 to max by autoAlpha. You can see this effect with old version of TweenMax at my website. http://musicworld.in.ua